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Australian Physiotherapy Association

The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is the peak body representing the interests of Australian physiotherapists and their patients. The organisation has more than 19 000 members and over 300 members in volunteer positions on committees or working parties.

Journal of Physiotherapy is the official journal of the APA. The vision is for the journal to be the pre-eminent international publication of the science and practice of physiotherapy. Through a partnership between the APA and A&P articles of the journal are shared on this platform.




Pregnant women’s attitudes to physical activity 09 Feb 2018 Various
Applying the FIFA 11+ program pre and post-training 27 Oct 2017 Musculoskeletal
Technology engagement in pulmonary rehabilitation 13 Oct 2017 Aging
Improving physical health in people with mental illness 29 Sep 2017 Various
Delivering home exercise programs using an app 15 Sep 2017 Various
Gym vs. home-based exercise for chronic diseases 28 Jul 2017 Various
Effectiveness of rehabilitation after lumbar disc surgery 14 Jul 2017 Lumbar
Multifactorial treatment for frailty and mobility in elderly 02 Jun 2017 Aging
Behaviour change interventions in ankylosing spondylitis 19 May 2017 Spine
Exercise programs in elderly with cognitive impairment 05 May 2017 Aging
Biofeedback to improve lower limb function after stroke 20 Apr 2017 Neurological
Physiotherapy management of ICU acquired weakness 07 Apr 2017 Articles
Exercise in women with gestational diabetes mellitus 24 Mar 2017 Various
FES cycling in patients with acquired brain injury 10 Mar 2017 Neurological
Neurodynamic treatment in chronic nerve-related leg pain 24 Feb 2017 Pain
Exercise benefits for elderly with cognitive impairment 17 Feb 2017 Aging
Extra rehabilitation improves activity after stroke 27 Jan 2017 Neurological
Kinesio taping is not effective in elderly with knee OA 28 Nov 2016 Musculoskeletal
Respiratory strength training after stroke 04 Nov 2016 Circulatory
Constraint induced movement therapy in cerebral palsy 14 Oct 2016 Neurological
Weekend therapy may reduce length of stroke rehabilitation 23 Sep 2016 Neurological
Massage therapy decreases pain and fatigue after triathlon 22 Jul 2016 Various
Exercise improves fatigue and mobility in cancer survivors 24 Jun 2016 Various
Physiotherapy management of lung cancer 27 May 2016 Various
Physios are helping women to feel less pain during labour 01 Apr 2016 Various
Physiotherapists in the Emergency Department 18 Mar 2016 Various
Exer-games for rehabilitation in hospital 04 Mar 2016 Aging


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