Extra-articular impingement of the hip

Etiology and treatment of two forms of extra-articular hip impingement

Hip impingement can be delineated into either intra or extra-articular contact between two anatomical structures involving the femoroacetabular joint. Extra-articular impingement is associated with the symptomatic impedance in the hip region of structures not morphologically associated with traditional femoroacetabular impingement (FAI). It is classified into either psoas, subspine, ischiofemoral (IFI) or greater trochanteric –pelvic impingement (GTPI). Previous studies have indicated that this form of impingement may only occur 4% of the time, and diagnosis is often muddled as it may co-exist with FAI. The authors of the present article chose to focus on the etiology and treatment of IFI and GTPI according to the most currently available literature.

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